gm tokenomics

$GM, $GN, $FREN, and how they work


some men just want to watch the $fren burn

$FREN is the primary coin of the GM ecosystem. It is your Crowdloan reward, pays transaction fees, and most importantly can be used to mint $GM and $GN. But mind the "time!" A clock will track GMT (GM Time) in the App, based on the GM Chain's block time. This time will determine what token is minted.
Action You get
Burn 10 $FREN in the morning 1 $GM
Burn 10 $FREN during the day Nothing
Burn 10 $FREN in the evening 1 $GN
Burn 10 $FREN during the night Nothing
mint gm with the app

unlock your tokens with the power of friendship

$GM and $GN are unlocked and ready to send to anyone else with a Substrate address as soon as you mint them, but all $GM and $GN received from other people are locked in your wallet until you "say it back" to someone else. Like staked funds, they're still yours, you just can't move them. To unlock $GM, simply send someone else a $GN – you can either mint it yourself or send it from previously unlocked funds. To unlock $GN, send a $GM. Simple as that. As soon as you send any one $GM to another wallet, all your $GN is unlocked.

Token distribution at genesis

At genesis there will be a total mint of 694,206,969 $FREN. $FREN will target a 5% annual inflation rate with an uncapped supply to support future collator staking, which will in turn help to replenish GM users' $FREN supply to ensure they are able to mint and send $GM and $GN indefinitely.

Total allocation details are as follows:

Allocation Amount % Description
Private Investors 0 0% Nah we're good, thanks tho.
Private ICO 0 0% Nope.
Community VCs 34,710,348 5% The Chads that kicked in a few KSM to get this off the ground
Crowdloan 208,262,090 30% Rewards distributed to crowdloan backers.
Team 173,551,742 25% Founders and builders of the GM Parachain.
Treasury 124,957,254 18% Gotta save for a rainy day.
Liquidity Fund 104,131,045 15% Bootstrap them LPs.
Pre-Launch Giveaways 13,884,139 2% 2% was the friends we made along the way.
Kusama Airdrop 25,000,000+ ~4% Everyone should have a GM at least once.
Advisors 7,000,000 1% Like Dom says, I don't have friends, I have family.
Total 694,206,969 100% Airdrop variations adjusted from treasury cut.


We don't have any.


TBH I always mix up ICO and IDO so we just did neither.


Awesome folks that contributed to help us get the 100 KSM needed to lease the initial parathread ID and registration.


Crowdloan rewards will be divided between backers. Visit the Crowdloan page for more detailed info. Crowdloan


25% of the tokens are allocated to current and future team members. All 15 founders will receive 1% of the TGE, with 10% set aside for future contributors. Of that 1%, 5% will be immediately available to play around with, the rest will be gradually vested for 48 weeks to keep everyone's mind at ease. Team


Initially this will be used to adjust the airdrop if needed, but once that's completed, all treasury usage will require governance to access.


Set aside for potential liquidity pools, should the need arise in the future. Subject to governance voting.


After we win a slot, fun contests for supporters to win some free FREN. Anything not used will be sent to the DAO's multisig for future giveaways.


We plan to airdrop every active Kusama wallet 11 FREN so they have a chance to try the chain at once.


To be divided evenly between the GM Parachain Advisors that helped brainstorm and solve problems putting this party together.