Burn $FREN to mint and send $GM, but mind the clock on the GMdapp, $GM can only be minted in the morning, $GN can only be minted at night. If you try to mint during the day, you'll burn your $FREN for nothing!



Don't let the basic concept fool you, some of the best minds from across Polkadot and Kusama have come together to build – and deliver – a parachain launch so smooth and polished, you'll want to introduce it to your parents.



GM isn't just for VCs and market insiders - GM is for the people. 738 beautiful people woke up, locked their KSM in our crowdloan to help us realise our GM dream, and became founding members of the GM community – and were justly rewarded with $FREN!


The Mission

Why devote so much time and energy into a meme? On the surface, it's a fun way to build community and turn someone's day around with a well-placed GM, but it goes much deeper...

Kusama was built to be a place to test the bounds of what Dotsama can really do, and we intend to do exactly that. We've assembled a team absolutely overflowing with some of the most ambitious, forward-thinking, and hard-working people from projects across the ecosystem – not to build another DeFi protocol or generate yield with a clone of a dapp that already exists, but to take new blockchain innovations, deploy them on a large scale, and beat the %$!@ out of them in a real world environment to see what they can do and what breaks them. We've also set up as a DAO so that operations don't belong to any one person, and the business of running a blockchain can be handed off from time to time to new team members, allowing future innovators to get their feet wet in a safe, but very real setting.

We believe in Web3, and we believe the Paraverse is the place it will realize its true potential. But above all, we believe that none of that matters if we can't welcome new, unfamiliar people with a hearty GM, have some fun with them, and send them off on their journey prepared to truly meet that future head-on with a full cup of coffee and a smile.